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Deftones - Pink Maggit
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Pink Maggit - Deftones

So transpose…



Iris - Haunt Me
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September 9th, 2014.

Reblogging again cause they’re sick

Built To Spill - In The Morning
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when my mind’s uncertain my body decides
what it will do to get through the hell of the night
as I trip on the ocean that leads through your eyes
well my eyes can’t wait til they finally see through you
when I get this feeling like I’m gonna start I just have to stop

i remember reading a book about this newspaper when i was a kid and i thought all the headlines were real. i was amazed by bat boy. im gonna be bat boy


Spookey Ruben - “These Days are Old”


"Shred Till You’re Dead" feature in this month’s issue of Alternative Press.


"Shred Till You’re Dead" feature in this month’s issue of Alternative Press.

  1. antlol666 said: The original bass player left the band who had extreme creative differences with Rivers. Who wrote a great portion of Pinkerton. It’s the same thing with the Blue Album. The original drummer left. Word is he’s impossible to work with.

well honestly, i dont really know what matt sharp really did on the first 2 records? i loved his bass lines and backing vocals but rivers is known for writing pinkerton entirely himself. also pat is still their drummer!

  1. thenoodledrap said: let’s put it this way, hurley+ewbaite are the best thing weezer has done in a decade and its a good thing

well like, i dont LOVE the new record. i’ve listened to it about 3 times and theres a lot of tracks i dont love on that record. go away and lonely girl are great though. also i’ve never listened to make believe in full, do i bother?

thenoodledrap so like am i not the only one who really likes hurley? trainwrecks and unspoken are really good songs. and the meaning behind “wheres my sex” is the cutest thing